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Voice Over Artists

The rates for voice-over artists are in two parts; a Basic Studio Fee (BSF) and a Usage Fee (both subject to VAT).

The BSF is an hourly rate and the Usage Fee relates to how the Voice Over being used, the territory and for how long.

An artist’s rate varies a lot from project to project, so if you’re budgeting for a new project, just get in touch and we’ll prepare a tailored quote for your project with no obligations!


Studio rates (not including an artist)

Weekdays (9.00am – 6.00pm)
£89.00 p/h – Voice-Over Recording w/ Engineer
£89.00 p/h – Casting session w/ Engineer
£109.00 p/h – Source Connect Recording w/ Engineer
£109.00 p/h – Voice-Over Recording To Picture w/ Engineer
£149.00 p/h + £75.00 Set-up fee – ADR Recording (including microphone hire if needed) w/ Engineer
£115.00 p/h – TV Broadcast Mix, Sound Design, Sound Repairs & Restoration
£115.00 p/h – 5.1 Surround Mix – Introductory Rate
£129.00 p/h – ISDN Voice-Over Recording (Plus a £50.00 connection fee and call charges of £0.39/min if applicable)

All rates +£20 after 6pm.

If Editing is needed outside the booked studio time an extra charge will occur
based on the hourly rates above.


File Transfers

Uploads / Downloads (FTP / Download Link) up to 500MB: £10.00
Uploads / Downloads (FTP / Download Link) over 500MB: £20.00
CDr: £10.00
DVD data: £20.00
Transfer to USB or Hard Drive: FREE

* All UK rates are subject to VAT
Please read our terms & conditions here.

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