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Experienced & Versatile
Playing Age: 45 - 60

Roberto was born in Bologna (Italy) on July 27th, 1966. He is one of the most popular voices in Italy, in regard to TV advertisement and communication he is in the top 50.

His professional dubbing career started in 1989 and since then he has voiced cartoons, TV series such as The Guardian and has dubbed movies such as Thomas Ian Griffith in Behind Enemy Lines; David Carradine in BoxCar Bertha; Gary Cooper in Along Came Jones; Gary Oldman in Romeo is Bleeding; David Slingsby in The Coca-Cola Kid; Don Stround in Bloody Mama and Hirokazu Inoue in The Grudge – Ju-On.

Roberto has been the official voice of some important TV networks like Canale 5, Italia 1 e Rete 4.

He has narrated shows such as Dating in the Dark, Hell’sKitchen, Masterchef and X-Factor USA 2013.

As to commercials, Roberto has voiced for big brands such as Philips, Canon, Mercedes Benz, Olympic Games, Coca-cola and Rimmel.

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