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Friendly, Deep & Resonant
Soft West Country
Playing age: 50 +

Frederick Roll is an experienced British actor and writer. He’s ‘played it straight’ as a stage and screen actor and as a voice actor in the studio, narrating, promoting, presenting, as well as performing any number of doctors, policemen, army & navy officers and politicians. However he has also enjoyed getting his teeth into some rather grotesque or comical character roles, such as playing a grumpy, mumbling 500 year old vampire in Angela Carter’s Vampirella on a tiny fringe theatre stage; bellowing and smashing things as Parallex in the otherworldly binaural recording of the secret-link audio viral for Green Lantern, The Movie; and as both another noisy, destructive monster Beshwa and the quietly ominous death’s head Darkness in the animated feature Nephilim.

Unlike the rest of his family, he is not a great sports fan, but he did get a kick out of voicing the football-themed Nike and Umbro commercials with us. His nieces maintain, however, that his boisterous, flatulent Major Toad in the cartoon Pong Pond and his fleeting appearance as The Barman nervously pouring bucketsful of whiskey for the bear in The Golden Compass are his best roles and performances to date.

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